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My Sister's Rusty Bike

by Jim Aylesworth
Illustrated by Richard Hull
(Atheneum, 1996)

A boy hops on his sister's rusty bike and sets out to tour the countryside. As he goes through Paradise, West Virginia; Carbon Hill, Alabama; and Toomersville, Colorado and other points across the USA, the folks he meets are not ordinary people. There is JoJo Jones who keeps pet toads and feeds them flies. Others included Benny Finn who keeps real bears as furry soft rugs and Ike O'Day from California who shares a friendship with a white crow who recites Poe. He also meets Buddy Biggs whose cow has more than twenty-two blue spots and Maybelle Bean whose dog can recite his ABCs. Aylesworth's verses are reminiscent of the lyrics of Edward Lear while Hull's illustrations add to the oddness of the characters and the situations. A delightfully alliterative read-aloud that will virtually sing as the verses are read aloud.

"...[an] original and offbeat picture book..." -- Booklist, 1996.

When Jim Aylesworth arrived at Longfellow School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin he found a warm welcome for him -- a welcome that included "his sister's rusty bike."
October 2000

Aylesworth, Jim. My Sister's Rusty Bike. Illustrated by Richard Hull Atheneum, 1996. 32 pages. ISBN: 0689317980.

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