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While many of Jim Aylesworth's books are available from book sellers in your area or from Internet book sellers, other of Jim's books are available in school and public libraries. For example, many will find Shenandoah Noah with its illustrations by Glen Rounds to be a classic tale that must not be missed. Aylesworth worked on and off writing Shenandoah Noah for five years before the book was finally completed and published. It is a favorite book of many readers. Siren in the Night came from a true experience where Aylesworth's family's peaceful sleep was interrupted by the startling sound of an approaching fire engine. A great inspiration for writers who are attempting to weave incidents from one's own life into a piece of writing. Those wanting a unique counting book will find One Crow: A Counting Rhyme to be a delightful farm countdown. The first countdown takes place in the summer time, the second during the winter. Each reader will find favorites among the books by Jim Aylesworth.
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