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Teddy Bear Tears

by Jim Aylesworth
Illustrated by JoEllen McAllister-Stammen
(Atheneum, 1997)

Teddy Bear
Four teddy bears have their own fears at bedtime, including a fear of the dark. A scary outside noise frightens Willie Bear while something under the bed scares Fuzzy. Ringo thinks there is a bogeyman in the closet and the dark is scary to Little Sam. As their young master comforts them he comforts himself too and soon is as comfortable with the nighttime as they are. A comforting bedtime tale.

This book is available in hard back and paperback editions (see below), as well as, available as a selection in Jim Aylesworth's Book of Bedtime Stories.

"Children will know all the scenarios and will enjoy seeing how his toys help him to be brave....as he cuddles up close with his furry toys in bed." -- Booklist, 1997.
"...down-to-earth explanations of scary noises outside and the bogeyman in the closet." -- Horn Book, 1997.

Aylesworth, Jim. Teddy Bear Tears. Illustrated by JoEllen McAllister-Stammen. Atheneum, 1997. 32 pages. ISBN: 068931776X; Aladdin ISBN: 0689835256 (paperback, 2000).

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